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Bandsintown releases data report on Live Streaming attitudes amongst Fans & Artists

Bandsintown has become an industry-leading hub for all things live streaming, with ambitious programming on our channels and our work with artists to publicize their live streams. Bandsintown is also one of the leading providers of data to fans, artists, and major industry and business leaders, such as Billboard, GoldmanSachs, and Pollstar.

Today we are sharing the results of our latest polling data, which present a clear picture of some of the attitudes on both sides of the camera lens regarding live streaming performances.

The survey findings show steady, healthy growth in live stream creation. 75% of artists have live streamed a performance this year, up from 45% in April. 30% are planning to live stream at least once a week in the coming months with 70% hoping to increase the frequency of their live streams.

Fans are embracing this new way to connect with their favorite performers. 73% of respondents have tuned in to a live stream, up from a mere 33.8% before the pandemic. Many of these livestreams featured emerging or mid-career artists rather than super stars: 75% of the livestreams promoted via its platform were for artists with fewer than 10,000 followers on Bandsintown.

“Live streaming as a medium feels very intimate and unstaged the way many artists chose to approach it. Fans feel an authentic connection while getting the same excitement and pleasure of hearing their favorite music performed live as they might at an in-person show. There is a lot of space for innovation and creativity, but the connection will always be essential.

— Fabrice Sergent

Though accelerated by quarantine, the growth of live streaming promises to shift the way many fans interact with their favorite musicians’ live performances, even after in-person concerts return. More than 60% of fans surveyed said they planned to continue watching live streams, even once venues reopen. In-person live shows remain powerfully appealing to many fans, however, and 66% of them responded that they were willing to consider attending a live event, even without a vaccine or cure for COVID-19.

A lot more fans were eager to pay for a live stream experience than artists may realize. A growing number of fans are willing to buy access, give tips, or snap up merch during live streams. 80% of fans surveyed wanted to support live streaming artists this way, up by 15% from April’s survey.

Survey was conducted in August 2020. Responses were received from 5,500 fans and 450 artists.