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Ocean Meets Music, A Must Watch Livestream Hosted by Trap Nation With Spatial Audio To Save An Aquariam

This week a new livestream will combine the world of music and gaming all for a good cause. Spearheaded by Vanic and his management Game Theory, with Ocean Meets Music they are hoping to help save the Vancouver Aquariam. The festival will host celebrities, DJs, and the biggest names in esports from around the globe for 11 epic hours of programming on July 18.

The entertainment spectacle will feature 14 artist performances including DJ Soda, Tokyo Machine, Gammer, Weird Genius, Cheat Codes, and Brooks. It will be hosted on YouTube via Trap Nation and Twitch via BandsInTown and in addition to the musical component there will also be a live gaming competiton in Valorant which will include the likes of JERICHO, JVNA, Ybrap, JakenBakeLive and some yet to be announced special guests.

Since closing to the public in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Vancouver Aquarium has been in a dangerous financial position risking the long term future of the education, research, and conservation aquarium at risk. The charity event will see all net proceeds from donations and sponsorship directed to the not-for-profit Vancouver Aquarium, links to donate will be found on the Youtube and Twitch streams.

“When we heard the Vancouver Aquarium needed help, we wanted to do something different to help a place that is dear in our hearts.” said Allen Diaz de Leon, one of the organizers

“Riding off our online festival DREAMWORLD with 5M viewers, we’re excited to work with amazing partners like Trap Nation, Vanic, & BandsInTown for our next big festival experience with dj sets and a whole new gaming experience we can’t wait to debut on the new digital stage,” said Abhi Mehta, CEO of We Dream Worlds.

To make things even more unique, THX has also been brought on board as the official audio sponsor of the festival, and will be contributing their technical expertise to enhance the at-home clubbing experience with THX® Spatial Audio for each DJ set. THX Spatial Audio is a flexible positional audio solution that delivers pinpoint audio accuracy using real-time rendering and spatial positioning of stereo and multichannel content. The THX Spatial Audio Cloud Clubbing setting is a custom tuning that immerses listeners in the music and simulates the way audio sounds during a DJ performance live at a club. Festival-goers will have a heightened, realistic experience, as if sitting, or dancing, front row at a private show.
“Coming from the music and gaming industry, and using my contacts in both to put on this charity festival has been extremely rewarding,” said co-organizer Edwin Tsang, “To see the gaming and music industries come together for a good cause, in my hometown of Vancouver, is amazing.”

Speaking on the event Lasse Gustavsson, president and CEO of Ocean Wise, the conservation organization operating the Vancouver Aquarium said, “We were thrilled to hear from Vanic and the Gametheory Management team with the idea for a digital music festival, we are fighting for our long term survival and this is an example of a really innovative idea that allows us to connect with new audiences, and raise critical funds and awareness about the Vancouver Aquarium’s role as an education, conservation, animal rescue and research institution.”

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