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The onslaught of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been absolutely devastating for anyone involved in the dance music scene. Fans have been gutted over the fact that their favorite shows have been cancelled or postponed, artists and promoters are coping with their own losses, and the news cycle itself has been unprecedented for those of us covering the developing stories. The subsequent weeks since the beginning of the outbreak haven’t been easy and with experts predicting that we won’t have large-scale events or festivals until 2021, the near future isn’t looking much better. But if there’s one thing that the dance music community is good at it’s coming together in tough times… and that’s exactly what’s happening online with livestream events.

In the face of this bleak outlook, the response from artists, promoters, and others in this industry to livestream and support each other has been immense. Major brands like Beatport, Insomniac, and Defected have begun to throw their own virtual festivals while others like mau5trap, Anjunabeats, and Desert Hearts have found a blend of sets, productions sessions, Q&As, and more. Artists have also joined in by interacting with fans and helping guide them through these uncertain times with recurring broadcasts like Gabriel & Dresden’s Club Quarantine and Diplo’s Corona Sabbath.

Keeping up with all the announcements can be difficult as virtual festivals, community-led watch parties, and more continue to be announced by the day. In our efforts to help lift the spirits of anyone feeling the quarantine blues, we’ve set off on a journey to compile as many of these amazing streams as possible. We’re hard at work to support and shine a light on as many as we can find, so make sure to follow us on Twitch (where we’ll be hosting other artists and our own streams as well), Twitter (for updates), and join our Facebook Group for watch parties as well. We’re also continually updating the spreadsheet below so you can see when and where your favorites might be streaming online!