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Bandsintown is the Platform-Agnostic Directory For Live Streaming

If anyone could see the immediate deluge of concert cancellations when COVID-19 became the planet's immediate reality, it was ubiquitous concert-discovery platform Bandsintown's co-founder and managing director Fabrice Sergent. Listen to his conversation with host Dmitri Vietze, as he describes how he watched 100,000 concerts get canceled in just a couple of weeks. He translated his team's passion for helping performing artists to raise money for artists in need, re-build touring revenue losses, and leapfrog the past barrier for live music video streams. In just a week, Bandsintown has had artists add listings for over 20,000 hour of live streamed concerts, regardless of what platform they choose to use. Fabrice talks about a new type of intimacy that is emerging and believes that this new form will not replace concerts but become an additional revenue stream and a new experience with staying power.

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