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Spotify, Twitch and Bandsintown trying to help struggling musicians earn an income during this difficult time

While we may feel like we are all suffering from this lockdown we find ourselves in, the truth is not all of us will suffer equally. Many of us who have salaried employment at least have a steady income to look forward to in these tough times. There are many people who simply cannot earn an income during this period of uncertainty and they’re the ones who are impacted the worst. Think musicians for instance who rely on touring and performing in front of large audiences for their regular income who now have to stay at home and simply find another way of earning cash to keep themselves and their families secure.

Those musicians are finding a platform through the likes of Twitch where they can now perform live streaming in front of their fans and making use of some of that ad revenue generated. The problem with that plan is that it’s not always easy to gain access to Twitch’s monetisation systems with the platform normally requiring a fair amount of content and followers in place before you gain access to the tools which allow you to become a Twitch Affiliate. Affiliate status on Twitch unlocks monetisation tools, like subscriptions and the ability to receive tips.

Concert notification service Bandsintown has partnered with Twitch to allow artists with 2,000 trackers or more to be eligible to apply for this program and thereby supplement their income through streaming live performances.

It’s not just Twitch making it easier for artists to stream and perform live though as Spotify has also announced that it will be allowing bands to link personal funding pages to their profiles with a hope that fans will be able to more easily donate to their favourite bands or those smaller bands who they may come across and like a song or two.

These are small gestures, but ones that show that the world is not always as horrible as It seems and there are companies and people looking out to help people through rough times. Now we need to just we can do the same for all the rest of the creative people in events, entertainment and whatever other industries are affected in this time. Critical Hit is currently accepting petty cash donations via drone delivery.