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Bandsintown will help musicians monetize Twitch faster

Concert notification service Bandsintown has partnered with Twitch Helping artists who cannot visit due to a new coronavirus pandemic. With this collaboration, qualified Bandsintown artists can bypass the normal qualifications required to become a Twitch member and have quick access to monetization tools for live streaming platforms.

Many musicians who rely on live performance income to make money turn to "streaming" Try to mitigate economic losses. SoundCloud recently announced Twitch-like initiatives

Bandsintown artist with 2,000 or more trackers is Eligible to apply. You then have to create a Twitch channel, link it to the artist profile on the platform, and fill out a short form. [The link is in a Bandsintown post.] After submission, the company said that Twitch's affiliate program will contact you via email within two to five business days for additional details needed to upgrade your account.

Member status on Twitch unlocks monetization tools, Such as the ability to subscribe to and receive alerts. Getting member approval quickly can help artists who need to generate more revenue now, while the broader development of the entertainment industry has stopped due to the pandemic.

Generally, in order to qualify for membership, Twitch users must have at least 50 followers and at least 500 broadcast minutes in the past 30 days, at least 7 broadcast days in the past 30 days, and an average of 3 concurrent viewers or More information in 30 days. The program is like the one between Twitch and SoundCloud, enabling artists to bypass these obstacles so that they can monetize Twitch within a few days.

Twitch's music director Mike Olson said in a statement: "Twitch remains a great place for artists to perform and communicate live with fans." "We are excited to partner with Bandsintown to not only provide artists with the best live streaming experience, but also It gives our community the opportunity to support them with monetization tools not available elsewhere. "

Bandsintown also recently launched its own Twitch channel and added Launch of "Watch Live" Notification When musicians are broadcasting live. These notifications will appear on Bandsintown, Facebook pages, and anywhere else the Bandsintown list appears.