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Bandsintown Helps Artists Fast Track Monetization On Twitch

Bandsintown is offering artists free, accelerated access to Twitch’s coveted affiliate status and the expanded range of monetization tools that the streaming service provides to their affiliate partners.

While the live music sector is increasingly focused on the potential of live streaming music, many musicians will find that just starting a monetized live stream on a platform like Twitch may not be as easy as it sounds.

For full access to Twitch’s monetization tools, a streamer needs to meet certain criteria to be named an affiliate or partner, including having streamed for at least 8 hours across 7 days in a 30 days period, as well as a minimum number of followers and viewers during that period.

Bandsintown’s new program clears the way for affiliate status and starting this week, artists registered with Bandsintown for Artists who have more than 2,000 followers on Bandsintown Concerts are eligible to be fast-tracked to monetize their live streaming performances on Twitch via paid fan subscriptions, as well as having the opportunity for fans to cheer artists on with Bits.

“Musicians and bands have been hit hard, so we are proud to offer them this new revenue opportunity,” said Fabrice Sergent, Bandsintown Managing Partner. “Like all Bandsintown For Artists services, the ability to directly message fans, alert them when artists go live and, now, to benefit from fast-tracking Twitch monetization will be 100% free. We are all in this together.”

“Twitch continues to be a great place for artists to perform and connect with their fans live,” said Mike Olson, Twitch VP, Head of Music. “We’re excited to partner with Bandsintown to provide artists not only the best live streaming experience, but an opportunity for our community to support them with monetization tools that aren’t offered elsewhere.”

Bandsintown artists interested in fast-tracking their streaming monetization potential on Twitch can sign up or learn more about the opportunity here.