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Bandsintown Launches WATCH LIVE Notifications And The Bandsintown LIVE Channel On Twitch

Direct to fans platform Bandsintown adds WATCH LIVE feature to help artists promote their live show streams. Pioneering DJ, producer Black Coffee to headline the new Bandsintown Live Twitch channel this Friday at 1PM EST. Multi-day Bandsintown Live Music Marathon next week to raise money for the MusicCares COVID-19 Fund to help musicians

Leading direct-to-fan and global events discovery platform Bandsintown is launching a new WATCH LIVE feature designed to help artists and fans connect as the number of online concerts greatly expands during the COVID-19 shutdown.

With WATCH LIVE, 530,000 registered artists on Bandsintown can now promote their live-streamed shows on their favorite live streaming platforms at no cost to the 55 million Bandsintown registered fans. Artists will be able to promote on their own Facebook pages, Instagram stories, or other sites surfacing Bandsintown’s events listings such as Amazon’s Alexa or

Bandsintown’s direct to fans free messaging platform is also being used by many artists to stay in touch with their most engaged fans, the concertgoers.

“Artists and fans are already missing the tribal experience that live shows create. We all must do whatever we can to keep that feeling alive as well as help artists in these difficult times,” said Fabrice Sergent, Managing Partner of Bandsintown. “WATCH LIVE and a new Bandsintown Live music channel on Twitch are the first of many new initiatives from Bandsintown.”

WATCH LIVE will begin rolling out free on Bandsintown For Artists next week.