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Bandsintown Announces New Features For Live Streamed Performances

As the concert industry shifts to digital streaming in the age of COVID-19, music discovery service Bandsintown has developed new tools to help fans find their favorite artists’ livestream content.

The new features include Watch Live Notifications that help artists promote their live show streams by alerting fans when the stream goes live. The no-cost feature allows artists to promote on their own Facebook pages, Instagram stories, or other sites surfacing Bandsintown’s events listings such as Amazon’s Alexa or, to the services’ 55 million registered users.

Bandsintown’s direct to fans free messaging platform is also being used by many artists to stay in touch with their most engaged fans, the concertgoers.

As well, Bandsintown has also launched a new live music channel on Twitch that will showcase artists, starting with pioneering DJ and producer Black Coffee who will perform live from his studio in South Africa on Friday, March 20th at 1PM EST.

Next week, the Bandsintown Live channel will host a multi-day Bandsintown Live Music Marathon featuring both emerging and established artists.

“Artists and fans are already missing the tribal experience that live shows create. We all must do whatever we can to keep that feeling alive as well as help artists in these difficult times,” said Fabrice Sergent, Managing Partner of Bandsintown. “Watch Live and a new Bandsintown Live music channel on Twitch are the first of many new initiatives from Bandsintown.”

Bandsintown’s new Watch Live Feature will begin deploying for artists on the service this week.