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Bandsintown’s Big Break Spotlights Emerging Artists Gaining Momentum with Live Music Fans

Bandsintown, the leading live music discovery platform, is on a mission to help artists grow their career. Just in time for SXSW, Bandsintown is announcing a new round of six Big Break artists, five of whom will perform at an official SXSW showcase, along with Jay Wile, a 2019 program alum.

Since September 2017, Bandsintown has looked for artists attracting followers (called Trackers on Bandsintown) at breakneck speed, jumping from a few hundred to several thousand fans over a period of six months. Once brought into the program, Bandsintown promotes them for a year, and provides mentoring, training, and industry-specific tools to help them take their careers to the next level.

Past Big Break artists include Peach Pit, Bones UK, Cautious Clay, and YUNGBLUD. Full program info here.

“Bandsintown connects 530,000 artists and 55m fans, all registered to the platform. We can spot who’s making serious headway in attracting audiences at a very early stage of their career, sometimes even before music streaming services, as artists now tour first,” explains Bandsintown Managing Partner Fabrice Sergent. “We call it ‘data-driven,’ but that really means fans are choosing these excellent artists by engaging with them.”

“Being one of the Big Break artists with Bandsintown has been really impactful to my career at an early stage,” says Jay Wile, who has continued to gain momentum thanks to the program. “To be able to build a relationship with their team and have support from them around my releases have helped me reach new audiences across the world. With their help, I’ve been able to perform in major markets, gain new fans at my shows, and make impressions that will last a lifetime.”

This Big Break class features:

Aidan Gallagher (youthful, hooky singer-songwriter and star of Netflix hit “Umbrella Academy”)
Kelly Finnigan (tender, gritty soul)
99 Neighbors (melodic hip hop & production collective)
Baby Rose (earthy, soulful R&B)
Liily (fierce, disruptive rock)
Renforshort (raw electro-inflected pop)

Bandsintown offers Big Break artists:

Free Promotion across Bandsintown and its affiliates
Showcase opportunities at industry events
150,000 messages to live music fans
Free one-year subscription to CelebrityAccess, the top professional source for touring industry contact information and news
Free access to Cyber PR LABS, a series of recorded video Master Classes where you can learn from industry experts
A one-on-one mentoring session with an experienced music marketer, booking agent or manager
One-on-one training from Bandsintown on how to grow a bigger fanbase

Bandsintown Big Break Showcase at SXSW
Wednesday March 18th (Maggie Mae’s Rooftop — 7pm doors)
The showcase features sets from Aidan Gallagher, Jay Wile (Big Break class of 2019), Renforshort, Monophonics (led by frontman Kelly Finnigan), 99 Neighbors and Baby Rose.

SXSW Panel featuring Bandsintown’s Managing Partner, Fabrice Sergent
Smart Touring: Guide Booking & Marketing with Data
March 21, 2020, 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Austin Convention Center, Room 18CD