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Bandsintown, The Indie Artist’s Best Friend with Kristin Yasuda

Bandsintown is one of our favorite resources here at Cyber PR. Catching up with Kristin Yasuda, Director of Artist Partnerships at Bandsintown, was such a blast. In this episode of the Cyber PR Music Podcast we take a deep dive into some of the new features this amazing platform has newly launched!

Bandsintown is a free, online platform that helps independent musicians connect with their fans online. With a current roster of over 500,000 musicians it is one of the best resources to familiarize yourself with to promote local tours and shows, but Bandsintown allows you to do SO much more than that. Stick around to learn more about how to promote yourself on this game-changing platform.

In this episode Kristin and I discuss:

Tips to optimize your profiles on other platforms including your artist website utilizing Bandsintown

Why Bandsintown can be your new and improved mailing list

How Bandsintown gives smaller artists a leg up

How to not exhaust your mailing list with the use of Bandsintowns’ new VIP geo-tracking feature

What is working for other artists on Bandsintown

What the promoter platform is and how can it help you grow your numbers number of trackers easily!